Hello, welcome to my website. My name is Krzysztof Świątkiewicz and I deal in historic reconstruction of medieval armours and other items.
I make riveted chain maille armours, aventails, coifs and other things. I am interested in making plate armour too, especially the composite armour, characteristic of the late 14th century, plates covered with fabric and leather: gauntlets, breastplates, cuisses, vambraces.
I also reconstruct medieval lanterns, arming doublets, pouches and bags. All that I make is handmade and based on museum pieces, iconography and scientific descriptions.
I partake in various projects, which deal with the reconstruction of the military aspect of medieval life.
I try to reconstruct a person called Wierzbięta of Smogulec, a Polish knight who participated in a civil war in Poland during the years of 1382-85, after the death of Lois de Anjou.

Riveted maille Embroidered bag XIV c. gauntlets XV c. lantern